Sunday, 18 May 2014

Personal post

I have a new favorite show !
The fresh prince of bel air was just recently added to Netflix and I am now addicted to the show. It is a show from the 90s featuring will smith. I like it because it is very retro. I also like it because of the style of the clothes that the characters wear. It is very entertaining because of the contrast of styles, a very hip boy from a Philly ghetto goes to live with his rich high society uncle and aunt in a bel air mansion.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

so what

this so what wants to describe how technology has made us more powerful. this is shown because i features a single slightly futuristic solider about to go to war against an entire medieval army. the fact that it shows the two sides gives the impression that it is an even battle, and in order for all those medieval soldiers to be an even battle with a single "modern" solider suggests that the modern solider must be way more advanced and powerful because of the technology we have developed.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Newspaper blackout tips

Treat the newspaper like a blank sheet
Twist the article into a different meaning
Don't read it but just scan for words like a game of word search

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Quick write three stories

Blue mountian state
- this tv show follows the weird college lifestyle adventures of an unorthodox division 1 football team.
Elements- Dumb muscle, excrentic mentor, 5 man band,the heroes journey,protagonist 

Dumb muscle represents Thad, captain I the football team the Alex, the protagonist plays on. 5 man band represents the rest of the team and excentric mentor is coach Marty Daniels. Heroes journy is the plot and story of their college adventures.

Blind side
- this movie follows the life an person with a body comparable to superheroes but designed specifically for sports. And his rose from homeless to millionaire.
Elements-gentle giant, the storyteller, backstory, the heroes journy.

The gentle giant is also the protagonist. The gifted football player. He has a sad backstory including issues with his mom because she left him. The heroes journy is him turnin his life around using football
The storyteller is also the knight in shining armour, a women who meets the protagonist and takes him into her home, and guides him down the right path and takes care of him.

Like mike
- a young orphan boy fulfills his dream of playin in the NBA after finding a pair of magic sneakers that give him unreal basketball abilities.
-mundane made awesome, reality is unrealistic, 5 man band, jerkass, protagonist

  The protagonist is Calvin Cambridge, mundane is made awesome when he finds magic sneakers, and reality is unrealistic when a 13 year old is playing in the NBA, the jerkass is the foster home supervisor who tries to exploit Calvin's talents to make money and the 5 man band is his group of friends at the home who support him on his journy.

Quick write best meal

As soon as you enter the home the smell of the cooking infects you. The aroma of the food is unbearable. Once you have smelled it there is nothing that matters more then tasting it. The scent is so powerful and good you have to breathe it in like a great big breath of fresh air. It fills your nostrils to the point where it feels like you no longer breathe oxygen but rather the scent of the food. The taste is quick, you try it once and the taste matches the scent identically. After the first taste you can no longer wait. The scent built such anticipation that you can no longer chew or taste. Your only mission is to consume as much as you can before you pass out from a good coma!
Photo credit: Phil Denton(Flickr)

Quick write - Eden

The place I feel most happy and most comfortable is on the basketball court with my friends. It is like a second home to me. My friends and I can play for hours and hours and no one gets bored. I have always been excited about basketball. It has always made me feel relaxed. It is like a relationship that will never fall apart. I am always thinking about it, I will never lose the perfect image I have in my head of the gyms I play in most. I feel comfortable on the court, never out of place. Especially when around my frriends. They make the exeriance even better because they all share this love that I have for the game.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Skype reflection

One thing that I noticed went preticularly well about this call was that everything went really amoothly, the student presentations were timely and on point and there were no technical difficulties.

Something that I find good about this activity is that it causes the students to see that social networking and other new technologies can also be used for educational purposes and learning, not just for entertainment.