Sunday, 20 April 2014

Personal post - playoff time!

Finnaly the nba playoffs are here! The Christmas for basketball fans the playoffs provide such a differant kind of basketball. You get to watch your favorite team every other day and hope to go they win.

My favorite team is the San Antonio spurs. This is a very good team because they play selflessly. They are the best offensive team in the league and also one of the best defences. They have had the same core of players for the past decade. Tim Duncan, tony Parker and Manu ginobili. Three hall of fame players all very old for nba standards.

Everyone doubts the spurs because they say they're "too old" but this season they had the best season they ever had in terms of wins and losses, they finished with a franchise best 62 wins 20 losses. They are also coming back wanting revenge for being robbed out of last years championship to the Miami heat.

I personally think they can do it this year just because of how good they are playing, but well have to see if they can beat some of these other very good teams and make it to the finals, I know if they get to the finals they will win.

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