Sunday, 18 May 2014

Personal post

I have a new favorite show !
The fresh prince of bel air was just recently added to Netflix and I am now addicted to the show. It is a show from the 90s featuring will smith. I like it because it is very retro. I also like it because of the style of the clothes that the characters wear. It is very entertaining because of the contrast of styles, a very hip boy from a Philly ghetto goes to live with his rich high society uncle and aunt in a bel air mansion.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

so what

this so what wants to describe how technology has made us more powerful. this is shown because i features a single slightly futuristic solider about to go to war against an entire medieval army. the fact that it shows the two sides gives the impression that it is an even battle, and in order for all those medieval soldiers to be an even battle with a single "modern" solider suggests that the modern solider must be way more advanced and powerful because of the technology we have developed.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Newspaper blackout tips

Treat the newspaper like a blank sheet
Twist the article into a different meaning
Don't read it but just scan for words like a game of word search

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Quick write three stories

Blue mountian state
- this tv show follows the weird college lifestyle adventures of an unorthodox division 1 football team.
Elements- Dumb muscle, excrentic mentor, 5 man band,the heroes journey,protagonist 

Dumb muscle represents Thad, captain I the football team the Alex, the protagonist plays on. 5 man band represents the rest of the team and excentric mentor is coach Marty Daniels. Heroes journy is the plot and story of their college adventures.

Blind side
- this movie follows the life an person with a body comparable to superheroes but designed specifically for sports. And his rose from homeless to millionaire.
Elements-gentle giant, the storyteller, backstory, the heroes journy.

The gentle giant is also the protagonist. The gifted football player. He has a sad backstory including issues with his mom because she left him. The heroes journy is him turnin his life around using football
The storyteller is also the knight in shining armour, a women who meets the protagonist and takes him into her home, and guides him down the right path and takes care of him.

Like mike
- a young orphan boy fulfills his dream of playin in the NBA after finding a pair of magic sneakers that give him unreal basketball abilities.
-mundane made awesome, reality is unrealistic, 5 man band, jerkass, protagonist

  The protagonist is Calvin Cambridge, mundane is made awesome when he finds magic sneakers, and reality is unrealistic when a 13 year old is playing in the NBA, the jerkass is the foster home supervisor who tries to exploit Calvin's talents to make money and the 5 man band is his group of friends at the home who support him on his journy.

Quick write best meal

As soon as you enter the home the smell of the cooking infects you. The aroma of the food is unbearable. Once you have smelled it there is nothing that matters more then tasting it. The scent is so powerful and good you have to breathe it in like a great big breath of fresh air. It fills your nostrils to the point where it feels like you no longer breathe oxygen but rather the scent of the food. The taste is quick, you try it once and the taste matches the scent identically. After the first taste you can no longer wait. The scent built such anticipation that you can no longer chew or taste. Your only mission is to consume as much as you can before you pass out from a good coma!
Photo credit: Phil Denton(Flickr)

Quick write - Eden

The place I feel most happy and most comfortable is on the basketball court with my friends. It is like a second home to me. My friends and I can play for hours and hours and no one gets bored. I have always been excited about basketball. It has always made me feel relaxed. It is like a relationship that will never fall apart. I am always thinking about it, I will never lose the perfect image I have in my head of the gyms I play in most. I feel comfortable on the court, never out of place. Especially when around my frriends. They make the exeriance even better because they all share this love that I have for the game.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Skype reflection

One thing that I noticed went preticularly well about this call was that everything went really amoothly, the student presentations were timely and on point and there were no technical difficulties.

Something that I find good about this activity is that it causes the students to see that social networking and other new technologies can also be used for educational purposes and learning, not just for entertainment.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

procedural writing: how to shoot a basketball

step 1- you need a basketball and a hoop!

step 2- hold the ball on your fingertips, don't let it rest on your palm.

step 3- you need to be balanced, you want to space your legs shoulder width apart and bend them.

step 4- you want to bend your elbow so it's at least a 90 degrees angle

step 5- aim for your target, a good spot to aim is the back of the inside of the rim.

step 6- follow-through:you want to extend your arm straight toward the hoop and flick your wrist

step 7- finish by reaching your fingers down as if you're trying to grab a cookie out of the rim.

Monday, 21 April 2014

mid semester reflection

the first half of the semester is now done and i had tons of fun, looking back on the first half of the semester i realized some things i did good, and some things i could have done better. these are my mid semester reflections.

Six word memoirs
Overall I think I did very well on the six word memoirs. i believe they were good work and on time. When writing them it felt very good because they just flowed out of my head and onto the paper. It is weird that it happened this way but they all ended up rhyming. Something that I could’ve done better was get better pictures. For a few of them the pictures I used were not what I had imagined but because I wanted to get them in on time I used pictures that worked, but were not the ones I really wanted. I learned if I am relaxed and on topic I can think of some creative things. I expressed what I wanted to in six words for each memoir as well as made them all catchy and rhyme. I give myself an A on this assignment.

Ignite presentation.
I think this one could have gone better. For my ideas I believe I did well, and as for putting those ideas to paper I think I also did well. Overall I think my script was really good and really close to what I wanted it to be. A couple of things I could’ve done better would have been getting it done closer to on time. I presented and handed in the assignment at the last possible moment and if I hadn’t procrastinated I think I could’ve done the pictures for the slides better. Some of the pictures were not the ones I wanted to use but I had to improvise because I couldn’t find the ones I wanted in time. Also I think I should’ve just stuck to the script when presenting, I made a few tweaks on the fly and it messed me up a little bit and I think me my ideas less clear to the audience. Overall I would give myself a B.


I will admit I am a bad blogger. I haven’t posted all the assignments that I am supposed to. The ones I have posted were mostly on time however. As for personal posts, I need to improve. I have posted a few but I should post way more. I think I need to reinforce in my head that it is my blog and I can post whatever I want to, because that’s how it really becomes my blog and unique to me. As for being social when blogging, I need to improve, I do visit some of my classmates blogs just when I want to know a bit more about them as a person but I rarely comment which has to improve. Overall I would give myself C.

Connecting and Engaging.
I believe I am good in this aspect. I think I do not miss class regularly but I could be late less often. I have not missed one Skype call with our friends in Thompson and I was a presenter one of the times we called them. As for being socially active in our blogs I could do better. I gave almost everyone comments on their ignite presentations. However I think I do need to comment more because I believe without lots of comments on my other classmates blogs I am missing out on a large portion of what this course has to offer which is the online interactions regarding educational work. Overall I would give myself a B.

3 course related goals.

My first goal is to bump my mark up to at least a 90 in the class. All my other classes this semester are at least a 90 or higher and I don’t want this one to be the one that’s left by the waste side. But in order to do that I understand I have to be here and do my work, which brings me to my second goal, as my second goal I want to finish all assignments that I am missing and then stay up to date on all current assignments. I want to finish the course with no missing assignments. In order to do all my assignments I have to have the time and knowledge, which I can most easily get by attending class regularly and on time. So that means my third goal is to not be absent once, and not late more than 3 times for the rest of the year.


here are my photo credits

Slide 1- Roan Van Eerd
Slide 2- Allan King(Flicker)
Slide 3- Roan Van Eerd
Slide 4- Mike Merill(Flicker)
Slide 5- Pete G.(Flicker)
Slide 6- Nicolas Raymond(Flicker)
Slide 7- Tony Dowler(Flicker)
Slide 8- Murray Barnes(Flicker)
Slide 9- Sia Khenn(Flicker)
Slide 10-Steve G.(Flicker)
slide 11-Roan Van Eerd
Slide 12- Brian S.(Flicker)
Slide 13- Helan Harrop(Flicker)
Slide 14- Bruce Turner(Flicker)
Slide 15-F.C.(Flicker)
Slide 16-Ann G(Flicker)
Slide 17- S. Tyler(Flicker)
Slide 18-Mike Merill(Flicker)
Slide 19-W.C.(Flicker)
Slide 20- Roan Van Eerd

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Personal post - playoff time!

Finnaly the nba playoffs are here! The Christmas for basketball fans the playoffs provide such a differant kind of basketball. You get to watch your favorite team every other day and hope to go they win.

My favorite team is the San Antonio spurs. This is a very good team because they play selflessly. They are the best offensive team in the league and also one of the best defences. They have had the same core of players for the past decade. Tim Duncan, tony Parker and Manu ginobili. Three hall of fame players all very old for nba standards.

Everyone doubts the spurs because they say they're "too old" but this season they had the best season they ever had in terms of wins and losses, they finished with a franchise best 62 wins 20 losses. They are also coming back wanting revenge for being robbed out of last years championship to the Miami heat.

I personally think they can do it this year just because of how good they are playing, but well have to see if they can beat some of these other very good teams and make it to the finals, I know if they get to the finals they will win.

Reading assignment #2

!-slam is madly In love with this girl "mtisha" wonder if they had or are goin to have a thing #prediction #romance

?-Ice seems to be tight with Greg, but idk much about him other then we might be goin down the wrong path #question #foreshadowing

I like the way Walter dean Myers uses the things the characters day to add to the setting of the story! #writingstyle

On page (54) of slam, starting to veer away from the basketball aspect of the book but it's still good #subplot

does having friends with the same interests as you help you do better in those things? #discuss 

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Personal post - graduating all star

I have been selected as a graduating all star!
Each year the province selects the 24 best players to be in an all star game to celebrate the season. This year my teammate Matt Jonnson and I have been selected.
The celebrations include a banquet at 2pm for all the all stars both male an female and in every division.
Their are also all star games running all day, starting with the A,AA,AAA girls game then the A,AA,AAA boys game, then later on after the banquet is the girls
 AAAA game followed by my game for the boys AAAA division.
It should be a great time and fun expiriance. The game is tonight, April 19 at 7:15 at St. Paul's high school. Hope to see many fans out cheering us on.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Personal post - NBA

This post is about my favorite basketball team, the San Antonio spurs. I wanted to rant about how everyone says they're too old, meanwhile they currently have the best record in the entire nba. The core players have been playing on the team together for over a decade. And despite the fact they are the oldest they've ever been (obviously) they are on pace to have the most wind they've ever had in a season. I couldn't be happier because now anyone who says they're too old has to eat their words.

Personally I am still a little peeved that they lost in the finals last year despite having it absolutely locked up. But I know for sure that this year they won't make the same mistake again and they'll pull off the win this year.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Reading assignment: so what ?

I believe the message of the story is basically "like father like son". When a kid sees their role model do something they want to be like them so they do it too. This could be good or bad depending on the actions and behaviour of the role model. My picture shows a father and a son, the son mimicking the father, and because of this the fathers actions could be morphing the son into a good or bad person.

Reading assignment : so what?

In my book, the protagonist is pushed to do better In basketball by his coach. He thinks this is unfair at first because the coach praises all the other kids who aren't as good, the assisntant coach explains to him that because he is so good he is pushed to be even better.
I used a student who gets good grades to demonstrate this.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Personal post- the season is done

The season is over!

It was a tough loss, we had practiced for two weeks for our wildcard matchup against sisler. The game plan was to make their good players not touch the ball and not score the ball, which we did very well, However what we didn't manage to do was score te ball. We only hit about one of every four shots we took, and in basketball that is very bad. Our gameplan was good but we didn't manage to put the ball in the hoop and in basketball, and any other sport, it is very hard to win if you don't score.

Despite losing we still had a great season. I could not be more proud of the team. We were a group of hard working players who never stop fighting. There is an overwhelming desire to win on our team and I couldn't be more proud of it.

Even though the season done the memories are not. Something our coaches have alaways preached to us since grade 9 is that husky basketball is a brotherhood, and the guys you meet and play along side here will be your brothers for the rest of your life. Personally I couldn't be more happy that these are the guys that by some chance I got put on a team with and will get to have memories with for the rest of my life.


Authors note: this is a six word memoir about my hobbies and passion. This memoir shows that I play basketball and that I am tall. I used stereotypes in this memoir about because people always say to me " wow your so tall, do you play basketball?!". When people ask me that it always makes me laugh because I am tall and I do play basketball but ironically I play the position for the "smallest" player on the court because of my skills. I chose this picture because it shows me and my team during a timeout in a tornement last year and I liked the picture. I am right in the middle of the picture wearing number 20.


Authors note: this is a six word memoir about my friends, actually these are more then my friends, they are my teammates and brothers. People always say that we argue a lot but we don't mind. We know we argue because we care about eachother. If you don't care about someone you won't care enough to argue or fight with them. I want the best for and from my brothers and when I think that's not what they're giving or getting then I get mad. I chose this picture because it is a picture of me and two of my closet friends, and I thought it shows how close we are because we're teammates


Authors note: I wrote this six word memoir to describe my childhood, when I was a kid I would spend all day shooting hoops in my driveway, playing through differant scenarios, countin down the clock to hit a game winner in game 7 of the nba finals, or being announced in as a starter for the bulls. I would imagine I was the best player in the world. I chose this picture because when I was little I would dream of being able to dunk and it reminded me of the things I would see in my head when I imagined I was playing in the NBA.


Authors note: this is a six word memoir about friendship, an how friendships can fade away. Is is describing how you can be so close to someone an then over time become so distint. I used this picture collage I made because it shows me and a friend of mine, Emily, really close in the first picture and eventually she disappears as if we had grown apart (but I actuality we are still friends) I chose this photo because I thought it demonstrated the point, as well as it's kind of funny.


Authors note: I this is a six word memoir about my memory of my first kiss and the thoughts that we're going through my head. I was really nervous and I also couldn't stop thinking of how embarrassing and awkward it would be if I screwed it up. I chose this picture of a friend of mine because I of his facial expression. On one Hand it is just funny, and it matches with the caption because the idea of "missing" on your first kiss is funny and embarrassing. On the other hand he also looks kind of nervous which is the feeling I had, and everybody has before there first kiss.


Authors note; this is a six word memoir under the confession category, I chose this photo because I believed the person in it looked really funny and it adds to the comedic all aspect or the SWM itself. I also thought it relates because the man in the picture almost looks sick, or like they are about to "throw up" because there mouth is open, so it gives the viewer/reader a visual aspect to imagine when reading the caption. Dispute the person in the picture not actually being drunk.

Monday, 17 March 2014

skype reflection

My group presented an example of a "six word memoir" using an exclamation point (!) we tried to make our example funny and about a topic that they would find interesting so that they would like it more and it would be more memorable. i also used a funny picture and told them the story of how i got the picture.

My mini lesson wasn't that good i believe because it was made even more mini by our connections being interrupted. i am not sure how much they liked it because it cut out right before my punchline, making me just feel like a bad comedian rather then a good teacher.

this taught me that it takes lots of preparation and practice to be a good teacher, you have to be fun to keep the kids attention but at the same time teach them the info that you want them to learn, which as anyone may have guessed is very difficult

next time we Skype their class we should do something more interactive, maybe a game of some sort to get more people involved.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Personal post- We got a wildcard!

Some exciting news for the huskies varsity boys basketball team and the school as a whole.
Despite losing in the first round of playoffs, the varsity boys team has received a wildcard game to get into provincials. The team will get to play the Sisler Spartans on Friday at 6pm at garden city colligate.

So far this year in two meetings against sisler we have traded wins. We won the first matchup against them back In the championship game of the miles Mac buckeyes tornement to win our first tornement of the season. The second meeting we lost by 6 points in a heartbreaking league game at sturgeon a couple weeks later.

We love our matchup against sisler and encourage all huskies to come out this Friday and cheer the team on. We hope to see some enthusiastic fans out at garden city on Friday!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Personal post- graduation

My graduation is now only a few months away and I am just as nervous as excited.

I am graduating from sturgeon heights colligate's class of 2014 and my feelings about it couldn't be more mixed. On one hand it is exciting to start a new chapter in my life but on the other hand it is scary to enter this new world and leave behind the one that I love so much right now.

I am afraid to leave behind all my friends, and to leave behind all the fun we have together. I am afraid of what some people say about high school being the funnest time of our lives. Does all the fun stop right after high school or does it continue? Will the stress of university destroy things that I love in life? I am nervous about this because I know I have no choice but to accept what it for what it is. Obviously I have to graduate, I just hope that the fun times continue and I still get to enjoy life as much as I do now, after I do graduate!

The only thing I can do is wait and see an hope for the best. Enjoy the things I get to do now, like the fashion show, or high school sports, because I won't be able to ever do then again! I will just have to keep my head up always try to look for the upside of everything.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Personal post- grad fashion show

Though grad fashion show was a couple weeks ago it is still fresh in my mind. The fun of the night was revived after watching the newly released DVD of the show. It was one of the funnest and most memorable nights of my life to this point! It was defiantly worth all the boring practices and time we put in to learn the dances! One of my favourite parts of the night was when I got my solo at the end of the runway and got to dance in front of the whole crowd.
Because the whole show was themed after the Olympic Games, all the groups chose a country an a sport to theme their dances after. My group chose Australia as our country and theme for the first dance and snowboarding for our sport and theme for the second dance. Which was fun because we got to design outfits to match our themes!
It was also really fun to see all of the grade 12 students get along so well, as if they're were no such things as groups of friends or "cliques". All of the participants in the show hung out together after the show an we all had a great time! Just wish we could do it all over again but I know we can't so I'll just have to enjoy the memory!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Personal post- varsity basketball team

I am a member of the varsity boys basketball team at sturgeon heights colligate. This is a a little information about the team.

for anybody who doesn't know the team or hasn't been following us but would like to here is some info about our team.

the roster; our roster consists of mostly grade 12 players with a few grade 11's, however almost all of are players are fairly new to the game. our roster includes

                    Position           Name                                             Height                          Grade

  •   G/F                    Roan Van Eerd                                  6'5                                   12
  •   G/F                    Matt Jonnson                                      6'                                    12
  •   G                       Kim Mompepe                                  5'7                                   11
  •   F                       Niko Lebrilla                                      5'9                                   12
  •   F                       Abe Kanu                                          5'9                                   12
  •   G                      Ali Ahmed                                          5'11                                 12
  •   F/C                   Will Switzer                                        6'3                                   12
  •   C                      Kahlil Lakay                                       6'6                                   12
  •   F                      Matt Veldmen                                     6'1                                   11
  •   F                      Ernest Mariita                                       6'                                    12
  •   G/F                  Dylan Janzen                                       6'2                                   12
  •   G/F                  Zach Forsberg                                    5'11                                  11
  •  PP                    Sterling Swail                                      5'10                                  11
Our season; going into the playoffs the team is ranked 8th in the province and 5th in our conference. however our conference contains 6 of the top 10 teams in the province. Our team has been in 5 tournaments we won 2 of them and won consolation for 2 more. We played oak park, the third ranked team in the province in our first playoff game for conference and suffered a tough loss. The team is currently practicing hard and waiting to see if we receive a spot in the provincial tornement.

RA #4

1."man this new school is whack! no brothers around hear, not like back in the days when I was with ice and the boys and there were some black peeps around the halls haha #TBT"

2."nice seeing my boy @Ice again, it's been too long since we balled against each other, i miss being rivals on the court! #Frenemies"

3."some one disrespects my game you know i'm a teach em a lesson, coach Nipper and touch my game! #sorrynotsorry"

4."coach Nippers being whack! I whooped him one on one now he's always on my butt makin' me run sprints and stuff, maybe ill just let him win next time #lesson learned"

5."saw @Mtisha today, she was looking just as fine as i left her! #TBT"

6."when @Mtisha walked me home and told me to close my eyes I thought she was gonna give me some sugar for sure, i leaned in for the kiss and NOTHIN'! #fail #iwish"

7."gettin some wedges with @Ice and @Mtisha just like old times #TBT"

8. "glad pops is off the booze, he was a real @$$ when he was on it. #sorrynotsorry"

9. "yes! pops made oxtails for dinner, my favorite!"

10. "grandma gettin on my back cause i care more about ball then books, can you blame me #smh"

11. "me and @Ducky runnin the show this season! #ballislife"

12. "could really go for a jam session with my boys right now like we used to #Rapbattles #TBT"

13. "the little bro ballin to hard for his clothes already! too bad i had to sew em up! #oops #ballislife #igotyoubro"

14. "seeing my old friends go down the wrong path hurts, especially when they had so much potential"

15. "@ice yo dog you needa strighten up yo act! you could go pro if you keep ball b4 all #ballislife"

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Skype reading

Reading Mortamer by Robert Munch to the grade 3 class in Thompson was a cool expiriance. It was fun to see the kids faces when they got to use something typically used for fun as an educational tool. It was also cool to see how we can incorporate modern technology into education. Not only things like reading to kids we've never met before through Skype but it also relates to things like blogging and such. This class an this expiriance has opened my eyes to how modern technology and social media can be used for education as well as entertainment.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Quick write- if I were invincible

If I couldn't feel any pain and was indestructible for 24 hours I would launch myself into space. I would float around the galaxy. I would sit on the sun or swim into a black hole. I would just observe space because I would love to see something that I would otherwise never get to see first hand. I would be the only person ever to be able to see space close up without something separating me from it. No glass, no spaceship, no telescopes and no suits. Just me and space.
If I had to stay on earth I would go to every place that seemed impossible to physically explore and see with my own eyes. I would go swim at the bottom of the ocean or with sharks, then it would explore inside a live volcano or walk through fire just o see what it would be like. Or I would j jump off the empire states building so I could see what it would be like to fly. I would do anything an everything I couldn't normally do an I would experience all of the things I couldn't normally experience.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Quick write- Which door?

I would choose the door to Hogwarts.  After I went through the door I would be a wizard and get to play in the quid dice World Cup. I would also get to eat all those feasts the students eat every day! If I went through the door it is under the assumption I get to be a wizard but not like Harry potter and have to battle all the evil wizards and almost die every year. I would asked to be placed in the Gryffindor house because I would meet Emma Watson (Hermione Granger).