Thursday, 6 March 2014

Personal post- graduation

My graduation is now only a few months away and I am just as nervous as excited.

I am graduating from sturgeon heights colligate's class of 2014 and my feelings about it couldn't be more mixed. On one hand it is exciting to start a new chapter in my life but on the other hand it is scary to enter this new world and leave behind the one that I love so much right now.

I am afraid to leave behind all my friends, and to leave behind all the fun we have together. I am afraid of what some people say about high school being the funnest time of our lives. Does all the fun stop right after high school or does it continue? Will the stress of university destroy things that I love in life? I am nervous about this because I know I have no choice but to accept what it for what it is. Obviously I have to graduate, I just hope that the fun times continue and I still get to enjoy life as much as I do now, after I do graduate!

The only thing I can do is wait and see an hope for the best. Enjoy the things I get to do now, like the fashion show, or high school sports, because I won't be able to ever do then again! I will just have to keep my head up always try to look for the upside of everything.

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