Monday, 3 March 2014

RA #4

1."man this new school is whack! no brothers around hear, not like back in the days when I was with ice and the boys and there were some black peeps around the halls haha #TBT"

2."nice seeing my boy @Ice again, it's been too long since we balled against each other, i miss being rivals on the court! #Frenemies"

3."some one disrespects my game you know i'm a teach em a lesson, coach Nipper and touch my game! #sorrynotsorry"

4."coach Nippers being whack! I whooped him one on one now he's always on my butt makin' me run sprints and stuff, maybe ill just let him win next time #lesson learned"

5."saw @Mtisha today, she was looking just as fine as i left her! #TBT"

6."when @Mtisha walked me home and told me to close my eyes I thought she was gonna give me some sugar for sure, i leaned in for the kiss and NOTHIN'! #fail #iwish"

7."gettin some wedges with @Ice and @Mtisha just like old times #TBT"

8. "glad pops is off the booze, he was a real @$$ when he was on it. #sorrynotsorry"

9. "yes! pops made oxtails for dinner, my favorite!"

10. "grandma gettin on my back cause i care more about ball then books, can you blame me #smh"

11. "me and @Ducky runnin the show this season! #ballislife"

12. "could really go for a jam session with my boys right now like we used to #Rapbattles #TBT"

13. "the little bro ballin to hard for his clothes already! too bad i had to sew em up! #oops #ballislife #igotyoubro"

14. "seeing my old friends go down the wrong path hurts, especially when they had so much potential"

15. "@ice yo dog you needa strighten up yo act! you could go pro if you keep ball b4 all #ballislife"

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