Monday, 3 March 2014

Personal post- varsity basketball team

I am a member of the varsity boys basketball team at sturgeon heights colligate. This is a a little information about the team.

for anybody who doesn't know the team or hasn't been following us but would like to here is some info about our team.

the roster; our roster consists of mostly grade 12 players with a few grade 11's, however almost all of are players are fairly new to the game. our roster includes

                    Position           Name                                             Height                          Grade

  •   G/F                    Roan Van Eerd                                  6'5                                   12
  •   G/F                    Matt Jonnson                                      6'                                    12
  •   G                       Kim Mompepe                                  5'7                                   11
  •   F                       Niko Lebrilla                                      5'9                                   12
  •   F                       Abe Kanu                                          5'9                                   12
  •   G                      Ali Ahmed                                          5'11                                 12
  •   F/C                   Will Switzer                                        6'3                                   12
  •   C                      Kahlil Lakay                                       6'6                                   12
  •   F                      Matt Veldmen                                     6'1                                   11
  •   F                      Ernest Mariita                                       6'                                    12
  •   G/F                  Dylan Janzen                                       6'2                                   12
  •   G/F                  Zach Forsberg                                    5'11                                  11
  •  PP                    Sterling Swail                                      5'10                                  11
Our season; going into the playoffs the team is ranked 8th in the province and 5th in our conference. however our conference contains 6 of the top 10 teams in the province. Our team has been in 5 tournaments we won 2 of them and won consolation for 2 more. We played oak park, the third ranked team in the province in our first playoff game for conference and suffered a tough loss. The team is currently practicing hard and waiting to see if we receive a spot in the provincial tornement.

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